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Somewhere in fantasy world, Blair Waldorf is gasping for air.

Eric Daman, Gossip Girl's stylist extraordinare, has taken on a side project. He's the new consulting creative director for San Diego-based mall staple Charlotte Russe.

The retailer's having some financial difficulties (surprise!), but instead of panicking they're throwing all of their weight into tightening their brand strategy and targeting a slightly wider market, sixteen to twenty-nine year olds.

Daman was brought in by their new president, who happens to be a Barneys vet, to help transform the stores into something more Bendel's than Forever 21. If anyone can do that with Charlotte Russe product, it's probably Daman who must have a teenage girl's brain tucked into his own.

"The idea is to make girls feel better about shopping at the mall," he says. Does this mean we'll finally have to go to the Manhattan Mall?

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