The It-Bag Antidote

il bisonte backpack.jpg

Here's what a lot of people seem to be looking for in a bag:

1. Amazing, and yet no-name, or at least a name that's too small for the person across the subway platform to read without binoculars

2. A great quality, preferably handmade, and hopefully not constructed in a sweatshop

3. And if it's expensive, the guarantee that it'll last longer than at least a decade

So we propose a solution in case you haven't heard of it: Check out Il Bisonte on Sullivan Street (or on Camden Drive in Beverly Hills) for incredibly supple leather bags, all handmade in Florence, that, yes, cost quite a bit, but should last long enough for you to one day say, "You know when I got this tote? 2009!" The only down side? Every single item has the Il Bisonte logo stamped front and center - but at least you can't read it more than a few feet away.

PS Is anyone else feeling the mini-backpack right around the corner for S/S?

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