The Compliment and the Complimenter

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There's a battle brewing in the Fashionista office - is it normal, as in do you, receive compliments differently based on who's dished them?

For example, if it's Fashion Week and I'm surrounded by ridiculously well-dressed editors and buyers and one of them takes a moment to acknowledge something I'm wearing, it means a lot.

But someone else in our office was recently regaled with a shower of compliments in regard to his style by someone who makes Mary-Kate circa 2004 look polished. While he wanted to mean his "Thank you" with all his heart, he couldn't help but take a second, rather confused look at his J.Crew meets Trovata outfit.

So, is a compliment a compliment no matter what? Or does its relevance change based on who's doing the complimenting?

And before you jump to say this is ridiculous or snobby, think about something particular to you (if you don't work in fashion). If you're a writer, you'd take comments from your favorite author or journalist to heart more than one from the guy you're dating who can't take the time to spell out "your" over g-chat; If you're an artist, you're going to pay a lot more attention to what a curator or gallery owner says than your little sister, right?

And if someone whom you don't necessarily want to love your style does, will you actually go so far as to change it?

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