The Bra Lady


My female friends, it is a fact that most of us wear the wrong size bra. Every day of our lives we put on something that isn't properly fit. It seems ridiculous, but is oh-so true. This is an even more problematic issue for those of us with more, um, prominent chests.

And don't even get us started on the lack of aesthetically pleasing options as the cup size goes up.

That said, we were beyond thrilled to hear about Jenette Bras in East Hollywood during a recent trip to Los Angeles. The just-opened store (and website) only offers D and up. And seriously, more of you probably could wear a D than you realize. Some of our friends were shocked to hear what we ended up with!

But these are not the big ugly grandma brassieres found at so many department stores. Jenette carries mostly European lines like Panache, Freya, and Anita Rosa Faia. They're as pretty as any petite ones we've seen.

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