The Blog Moves Up at Fashion Week

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There was a mini-debate going on in the comments section of a Paris post.

One person decreed that blogs aren't press and therefore shouldn't sit in the press section of a show while another pointed out that we obviously aren't buyers which together puts us in a rather awkward category. Blogs are, according to most publicists, considered press, and our seating assignment is usually a testament to that classification.

However, this season we noticed a new seating trend pop up. For the first time, those reporting for blogs and magazines' online departments were often seated together which meant we had daily run-ins with reporters from,,, Showstudio, DazedDigital, Fashionologie and more.

For example, at Marios Schwab, bloggers had their own Front Row section (alongside the Conde section, the ELLE section, etc), which created a real commune-style discussion of, "Well, I can't report this for my site, but you totally should use what I heard earlier!" Fun, and certainly effective for spilling your thoughts onto Twitter in mere minutes.

Which makes us wonder, are the days of acting like bloggers aren't real media members finally over? Because it looks like they are, at least in fashion. Especially now, when major editors from The Times are tweeting and Vogue editors like Filipa Fino are writing for Vogue Daily and WWD posts multiple times a day. We're just saying, the line is getting awfully blurry.

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