The Big (?) Designer Price Drop

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At the end of last year, during Super Sale Season 08, we were wondering what would happen after everyone got used to even the big stores discounting deeper than we thought was possible. And here's what:

Believe it or not, some brands are reportedly dropping their prices. According to WWD, both Oscar de la Renta and Alberta Ferretti will be available for less this season (for example, a formerly $900 blouse from Oscar might now be $795 - not exactly earth shattering, but a couple days' pay for most). Also, Zac Posen and J Mendel are both offering more at lesser price points, with dresses starting at nearly half the price as compared to past seasons at J Mendel.

Of course, some brands refuse to budge: Versace, Givenchy, Chanel and Prada have all made it clear that they truly believe their price tags are fair and worth the money the customer hands over in exchange.

So which way will this go? Will brands like J Mendel regret their price slashing, and never be able to sell on their higher tier again? Or will labels like Chanel and Versace simply lose their aspirational customers altogether, meaning less Chanel wallets but more Chanel evening wear?

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