Thakoon Addition is Kind of Like Thakoon

finale of thakoon spring 09 show.jpg

In a recent interview with Thakoon Panichgul on, we learn a few things:

1. He really wants to dress Christy Turlington

2. His line for Target is supposed to be like "Resort"

3. And most importantly: The Thakoon Addition line, which should launch before the summer, is not a diffusion line, but more of a place for Thakoon to "store ideas".

Translation: It's the just-as-good stuff he thinks up while designing his runway narrative, and so it'll cost just as much as his regular line, and will be sold only where Thakoon is already sold.

So those of us still looking for a $200 Thakoon dress will have to wait for the T by Thakoon line, should it ever happen.

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