Terence Koh for United Bamboo

terence koh for united bamboo 3.jpg

Terrence Koh is the new face of United Bamboo.

He'll star in this string of ads, debuting in the Spring/Summer issue of Fantastic Man.

In fashion terms, you probably know the artist best from his love affair with this Fendi fur - a little over a year ago, he was so obsessed with the almost $200,000 coat he wore on loan that he found a patron to buy it for him - and his constant party presence.

So maybe a campaign was the next logical step? Regardless, the images look more like a lonely tinsel-filled party than a you-really-need-this-outfit appeal.

Koh looks cute, if a bit clueless, and the ads themselves? Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs, anyone?

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