Té Casan is Now Gone

natalie portman loves those te casan vegans she made.jpg

Most people know Té Casan because of Natalie Portman's venture into vegan shoes. Well, Natalie will now have to leave the vegan thing up to Stella because Té Casan just folded.

Luckily, for those die-hard fans, Bluefly still has a pretty good selection in stock, but as far as the store's concerned, it's closed, and the website says they're updating (code for: we're done).

We're kind of sad about this because Té Casan was actually a really cool concept. The company plucked seven unknown designers who had previous experience at major design houses - think McQueen, Versace, Westood - and had them design a new shoe every week. Not only were the shoes well-designed, they were well-priced, and limited edition (only 74 of each style were made), so you could stand out in affordable heels. Sadly, this is now over.

Here's to hoping somebody else picks up the very smart idea at a different point in time.


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