Style Signals: Everywhere?

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Even though we know it's unfair, even though we sat through all the same stereotype seminars in high school as you did, even though we're technically mature adults who understand that what people wear doesn't necessarily dictate or indicate what a person's like, we'll admit it: We see signals in people's style all the time and, dear reader, we judge.

Not really though, just enough to temporarily sum a person up until they actually speak, to either confirm (the way it usually goes) or contradict our assumptions based on their sartorial choices.

We know you know what we mean - You see huge diamond studs glint with every head toss, you think "princess." A Tiffany heart bracelet, you think "wannabe princess." Uggs plus VS Pink, "sorority." A fake Louis, "clueless." A boxy Kate Spade, "corporate" (though that last one really depends on the outfit and the carrier's age).

So what kinds of style signals have you successfully identified during your time on public streets? Does every guy wearing a trucker hat turn out to be the douche bag (hey, if we're judging, we can borrow our 7th grade vocab) you always knew he'd be? Is every woman in stilettos at work always in a bad mood? Does every girl wearing only a sports bra to the gym turn out to be the total whack job you knew she would be?

Please, tell us all about it. Let's see where we agree, and not.

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