Style Icon: Michelle Barack Obama?

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No matter which side of the proverbial aisle somebody's on, if they're truly into fashion, they seem to be incredibly interested in what the next First Lady wears, some even going so far as to dub her "Lady O," an obvious reference to our last First Lady style icon, Jacqueline Kennedy. But here's what's interesting - her husband might be overshadowing her.

Not only has Puff Daddy (we refuse to call him anything else), proclaimed that Barack Obama's elegance will be used as a point of reference in marketing his new Estee Lauder fragrance I am King, and not only did a Bosnian suit maker famously name one of his styles "the Obama," but now Hart Schaffner Marx, the Chicago-based menswear company favored by the President-Elect, is marketing itself as the place to get a suit if you're trying to dress "Presidential", and even has an upcoming West Wing collection, according to WWD.

Michelle's clothes may be racking up hits for J. Crew's site, but has anyone named a dress after her, or claimed that a collection was inspired by her style?

Also, we can hardly think of any mainstream male style icons (does David Beckham count?), let alone those who were Presidents. Could this be the first time an American President becomes as known for his sartorial choices as for his political ones?

Guess we'll have to wait and see. But in the meantime, we wonder if anybody's submitting sketches for his inaugural suit...

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