Streetwalker: High School Sweetheart

streetwalker remy.jpg

Remy, Student (I asked her what she's studying and she's still in high school to which my friend replied, "Damn, I wish I was that cool and poised in high school).

Got Her: At Mike Figgis' photography opening at Milk last night (which you should really go check out).

Stalked Her: Because an olive green/hot pink combo always works, because I had to know why everyone in the room wanted to talk to her and because she was the only person wearing actual color.

Shot Her: Because she was basically wearing a fashionable sack and looked amazing. Also, because when I said, "Hi, I'm from Fashionista," she gave me the biggest hug ever.

She Says:
"I'm in one of the pictures! I know Mandy, from Seventh House, and when Mike started the project she called me to ask if I'd pose, which of course I did because Mike's amazing!" (Which explains why everyone wanted to talk to her.) "I'm on Seventeen's style council, I love throwing random things together."

We Say:
If Seventeen folds, will you be our style council?

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