Streetwalker: Buffy Goes to Paris, Via Bumble

streetwalker BEA.JPG

Bea, Bumble & Bumble PR

Got Her: Backstage at Sharon Wauchob.

Stalked Her: Because she's the perfect example of our, "You don't have to wear heels to rock Paris Fashion Week" mantra.

Shot Her: Because she's wearing an almost all-white outfit and that is very, very hard to pull off. Plus, she was Fashionista's first ever streetwalker and we thought it was time for a sartorial update.

She Says: "One of my stylists looked at me this morning and said, 'Bea, you're so Buffy the Vampire Slayer! But not the show, the movie.' So I guess that about sums it up, I think it's all about the boots."

We Say: Because you can't kick fashion ass in 5" Louboutins like you can in Rag & Bone.

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