Stella's for Kids, Silly

Stella McCartney Gary Card Collab.jpg

If you're in London today, you must swing by Stella McCartney's Bruton St. store.

Yes, you'll probably want to try on every sweater dress in site, but you'll also want to watch set designer and illustrator Gary Card produce a live art installation in the window.

Using nothing but colored pencils, he'll "create over-layered drawings of animals, dinosaurs, superheros and fantasy inspired characters on children's wardrobes in his typically naive and charming signature style," according to Vogue UK.

We thought this sounded vaguely familiar and picked up the copy of Influence we fell asleep reading last night. Sure enough, Peter Beard tells the Olsens, "I'm doing a very nice quiet project with Stella called "A Children's World" -- African animals, African drawings on wallpaper, pajamas, pillowcases, stationary."

Between these collaborations, a cartoon set, and a profound amount of Tootsie Pops wherever she goes, we think we've pegged Stella's new target customer.

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