Stella's Breakfast of Champions


We walked to school early this morning.

Or through school and toward the gym, for Stella McCartney's presentation of her newest Adidas collection.

We might walk by the Adidas store on Houston every morning, and we might love the Stella clothes in the window, but we've never seen them in action - until we saw them on Olympic athletes today.

In the time it took us to drink three cups of coffee, (we're severely jet lagged), models ran on treadmills in one corner, gymnasts flipped on balance beams in another, yoga professionals did strange things with ribbons in the other and more models, I think, played tennis against a wall. The best part? A giant trampoline set up in the middle of the room on which two girls did the most insane flips, twists, and jumps we've ever seen.

We don't know if it was the coffee or the adrenaline that woke us up, but we made it to the next show on time. Thanks Stella!

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