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The Starter Wife's teaming up with Shopbop for a "chic co-promotion" this season.

Basically, there will be Shopbop commercials during the show, contests for viewers to win featured items and a list of "Molly's Picks" on Shopbop, (Molly is Debra Messing's character). We're not sure how they'll make the commercials particularly "chic."

However, we do know, from a single viewing of the thinly veiled Hollywood wife show, that the target audience consists of women of a certain age. And we do know, from going to college, that Shopbop targets women of a very different age.

We also know that the clothes featured in "Molly's Lookbook" right now might not work on a forty-year old woman who isn't Debra Messing.

Oh, and we remember how long it took to explain how to use Shopbop to our mom, so she could find our Christmas list.

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