St. John Wishes and Caviar Dreams

st john caviar look.jpg

St. John has cooked up a treat for Park Avenue ladies everywhere. The company's launched an online-only trunk show for a new, smaller collection that starts today, lasting until March 18, with in-store sales set for the upcoming months.

The all-black capsule line consists of the same silhouettes St. John is famous for, and is available alongside their normal offerings on

We can't get into the fact that it's all the same price point as their normal line, which would be like Prada reissuing a dress, but in black, and for about a dollar less under another name. Instead, we'll focus on the fact that this new line is called Caviar.

We think Juicy's people should contact St. John immediately and demand the name for themselves - because you know it would be perfect for their inevitable, grown-up line.


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