Sprout-ing Artists?

can you beat a tim walker picture.jpg

Sprout's holding a design competition - not Sprout in Williamsburg that sells seeds but Sprout, the committee of artists and designers dedicated to finding new talent.

They're looking for photographers, painters, illustrators, scupltors and any other kind of artist who feels they have something important to say.

If that's you, you'll enter the competition and be judged by a panel of judges hailing from the Met, the Guggenheim and Vanity Fair among others.

Ten semi-finalists will be presented in an on-line gallery from which they can sell their work and one winner will be given a solo exhibition at the Rebecca & Drew store in the Meatpacking District - the brand is sponsoring the competition.

So grab your hot neighbor, your stylist friend, take pictures and let us know when you win.

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