Spring 09 Marc: The Reality

marc jacobs spring 09 look 26.jpg

Marc's rather kooky mash-up of references for Spring 09 was a big hit with critics, and we expect that to show editorially.

But some of the key pieces have finally hit Net-a-Porter, offering close-up shots at what looked like a genius show in terms of styling.

Take, for instance, the dress at left. On the runway, it looked like many layers made up of a top, a skirt, an apron over the skirt, and an obi-style belt holding the whole thing together. It was witty, and it winked the whole time it was up on stage. So we're a little surprised that it's actually a dress, as in, an all-in-one deal (the belt is detachable, but who would ever take the belt off this look?).

Even though we still love a lot of the collection (we maintain the blue and yellow dress will end up in party pictures everywhere, and we're in part to blame for the blue belt to have gone missing from NaP so quickly), the reality of the signature pieces from the show being versions of the long-sleeve-shirt-built-into-a-short-sleeve-shirt idea is just something we cannot live with.

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