Sparkles, Thanks to Karl

chanel moscow pull.jpg

I’ll admit it, I'm obsessed with nail polish. I know all the Essie shade names, I salivate whenever Ji Baek launches a new Rescue Beauty Lounge collection, and I could rhapsodize for hours on what Deborah Lippmann can do with metallics.

So it’s no surprise that Chanel’s limited edition Moscow Collection of polishes has me in an absolute tizzy. The trio of polishes was created for the models in Le Lagerfeld’s czarina themed pre-Fall 09 collection and were the perfect complement to the clothes' buttoned-up opulence.

The base of each shade is a deep obsidian to which different shades of sparkle — red, blue and gold — were added to create an optical fireworks effect when they catch the light. Seriously, I applied one coat and then spent the next 15 minutes twisting my hands and watching it sparkle. Sad but true.

Granted, at $30 a pop, I'm not exactly beating down the door to get these right this second, but seeing as how the Feu de Russie shade has already sold out online, I may be alone in this conviction. So if you don't mind dropping the cash for the lacquer, you better do it fast because these babies are soon to be just a distant, shimmery memory.


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