Smoke & Ears

smoky quartz gold earrings.jpg

Come summer, we're always piling on extra accessories.

Probably because our clothes are simpler, our arms exposed, and there are no scarves in which to tangle earrings and necklaces. Also on our, or my, neutral palette of white, navy and grey it's fun to have something catch the sun.

This means our jewelry boxes are open and we're looking for additions. These Ken & Dana design earrings are kind of edgy, but still just girly enough. The smoky quartz in the middle roughens up the shiny gold and they're only $70 which means we won't feel bad for only wearing them a few months out of the year.

And since, come summer, we're also fans of heading straight from the beach into the bar/beer garden/restaurant, they're the perfect thing to dress up ripped shorts and white tees.

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