Smell Like Reese


Reese Witherspoon has joined the ranks of the celebrity perfumer, thank to her relationship with Avon. She's been an ambassador for the brand for the past two years and will now launch her first fragrance in November, In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon.

We often question how involved these famous people get in the production of the scent that bear their names, but we're guessing Reese isn't lying when she talks about her part in the process to WWD.

Her inspirations come from steamy nights in the south, her momma, and lots of white flowers. And even daughter Ava got a say, "I asked her which one smelled the most like me."

So while some of these collaborations rub our cynical selves the wrong way, this one just doesn't. It kinda seems like a natural fit and a genuine partnership.

And we're guessing Jake must have liked it too. Which is pretty much enough reason for us to give it a spritz.

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