Shopping + Parties = Fun?

shopping bags make us giddy.jpg

A sign of the times:

Every other party invite we get these days is actually for a sale.

But how can this be?, you might ask.

But it's true. When an invite says something like "and the designer's line will be there. And it'll be 30% off!" you know it's not just white wine and crumbs, but a last ditch effort to hopefully sell what they have to those most likely to like the line (and to those most likely to be tipsy.)

We're not saying we don't appreciate discounted clothes and booze, we're just saying this says a lot about the current state of things when you have to remind even fashion editors to shop.

Not to mention the recent onslaught of severely discounted clothes masquerading as samples, even though everybody there knows it's really more like a clearance sale.

We love the cheaper stuff, but here's to hoping for bluer skies in 09.

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