Sean Avery Gets a Doppelganger

stewart bradley eagles at elle magazine.jpg

Somehow, everyone in sports knew another one of their own was leading a double (fashion) life.

Following in the footsteps of hockey player Sean Avery, who interned at Men's Vogue last year, Philadelphia Eagles football player Stewart Bradley started an internship with ELLE on Monday. Bradley, who's only been in the NFL since 2007, is set to tackle the off-season stint under the watchful eye of creative director Joe Zee.

Rumor has it the linebacker worked on a photo shoot his first day and has already received an invitation to attend a DVF lunch with top ELLE editors and guests like Jessica Alba. He was also told to start his day at "9:30 or whenever."

The 6'4" player might be seen blocking fashionistas during Fashion Week where we suspect he'll tag along with ELLE editors next week.

But as our informant put it: "So random, so lame, so last summer". But in fashion, we're never penalizing for too many men on the field.


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