“Scott, the Business” or “Scott Won't Shoot Uggs”

the picture we took of scott schuman.jpg

Last fall, we told you Scott got a book deal. And just now, the real details are starting to emerge:

The book's coming out under Penguin, it's call Sartorialist, will sell out in days. More interesting: It's getting its own pop-up shop in Barneys - The Sartorialust - which will include racks of accessories ("great pyjamas, great suspenders") to go alongside stacks of his tome.

Also possibly in the works: A "deal" with Net-a-Porter, and a style guidebook a la Tim Gunn.

Is Scott the fashion world's next mega-brand? We don't know, but the best part of his profile in the Times UK this weekend? The fact that he wouldn't shoot a girl's outfit because she was wearing Uggs.


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