Sarah Mower, Fashion Ambassador

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The British Fashion Council's just appointed Sarah Mower its first ever Ambassador for Emerging Talent.

You already know Sarah from her stories in Vogue and her brilliant show reviews. And now she'll play an even bigger role in shaping the face of up and coming talent - so much of which comes out of London.

She'll be in charge of the NewGen committee, the Topshop-sponsored council that provides financial support (and often show space) to the young designers and recent grads showing the most promise. Think Marios Schwab, Chris Kane, and Danielle Scutt.

Sarah said, "In Britain we have a phenomenon on our hands at the moment: a uniquely
vibrant, varied and collaborative flowering of talent that is some of the most exciting on
the world stage."

So all that power basically makes her the cooler, hipper Anna, right?

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