Santa's Got His Eye On You

Giles holiday cards.jpg

Aside from the candy canes and the ice skating and the bright colorful lights everywhere and excessive amounts of sweets, holiday cards are our favorite - because getting mail is always fun.

So far, Giles Deacon's is our favorite. Though if we're being honest, they haven't even been sent out yet, we just got a sneak peek. And while we half expected a PacMan disguised as Frosty, we're not shocked that Giles equates the holidays with a Swarovski crystal eyeball.

Chris Benz' cute postcard features twisted red wire hangers and the British twins behind Felder Felder, Daniela and Annette, sent out a holiday sketch of dresses we wish we had for our holiday party tonight.

Now cards that included dresses - that would make for ridiculously happy holidays.

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