Santa Baby, a Pair of Sequined Converse, Light Blue

so very sneaky.jpg

Converse, if a shoe brand could be our best friend for the day, we'd pick you the day after Louboutin.

The sneaker line's gone all out for the holidays. They're determined to help with your Christmas shopping whether you're a sneaky Santa or an obvious Santa.

If you're sneaky, you can pick three gifts your friend/lover/sister/whatever might like and they'll send an anonymous email to said person asking them to choose their fave. Then they'll email you back with the answer and you just click and buy.

If you're obvious, as in, you're way more worried about the gifts you'll be getting than the gifts you'll be receiving, you can pick three things-Converse you're dying for and they'll email them off to whomever you think is buying you gifts.

Either way, for every Christmas email you ask Converse to send, you'll be entered for the chance to win a $75 gift card, which, by the way, is just $10 less than our sequined sneaker obsession.

So you can't really go wrong, unless you don't like Converse, in which case you're on your own.

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