Ryan McGinley to Marc, Fashion in General

ryan mcginley on cover of 10 magazine.jpg

Ryan McGinely told The Advocate in 2003 that he wasn't interested in fashion photography. Since then, he's:

1. Shot Kate for W

2. Created a video for Puma

3. Shot Jen Kao's debut collection

4. Shot Agyness falling from a building for POP

5. Shot Daisy Lowe and Liam Wade for Converse

6. Shot the Stella campaign for Spring (involving Kate again)

7. And now? He's working on the other side of the lens, as model, for Marc's Spring 09 ads (Raquel's doing women's, and Daisy Lowe will do Marc by Marc)

Don't get us wrong - we think Ryan's great, so who cares if he spoke too soon, but wouldn't it be amazing if this was some kind of deal where he gets to replace Juergen's usual spot for Fall 09?

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