Rogan Making Own Jewelry for Spring; Lady Grey for Holiday

rogan necklace.jpg

We just got back from the Rogan Spring 09 press preview on Franklin, and we have some news:

Not only is Lady Grey designing a collection for the King of Denim, but he's already designed a jewelry collection of his own, launching this Spring.

The pieces are mostly wood with some metal accents, some of which look like some kind of tangram game for the neck, but we're into it.

And as for Lady Grey, their designs are still in the works, though the collaboration is definitely on. We were told straight from Rogan's press girls that the Lady Grey designs will be in stores, exclusively at Rogan, for this holiday season. We think it's a little funny to debut a designer collaboration for an accessory you haven't done for your brand yet before you debut your own, which is already designed and made anyway, but it really just makes this more interesting anyway. But what's most interesting, is how the Lady Grey girls' aesthetic meshes with Rogan's decidedly woodsy take on jewelry.

Enjoy some choice looks from Rogan's Spring 09, after the jump.

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