Rodarte Rewind on Presse Boutique

rodarte spring 06 look.jpg

Looks like that Interview-style flashback profile of the Mulleavy sisters in yesterday's WWD had an edge of psychic to it, rather than just the fun and random we thought it was -

Beloved LA boutique, Presse, is reviving some archival Rodarte pieces to go up for sale on their site November 3rd, including at least one piece from their Spring 06 collection (a rough crystal necklace designed by their mother, whose maiden name was loaned to front the label), the first season that pretty much everyone actually knew who they were.

We can't imagine how much the seven handpicked pieces will go for - some of the pieces were never intended for sale, having only appeared on the runway. But anyway, it's kind of incredible that Rodarte literally did not even exist four years ago, and now they're having an archival sale like they're Valentino and they've reached the culmination of a decades-long career.

A sign of so much more to come? Or, perhaps, a little early in the game to claim such victory over time?

Which bizarrely reminds us, where's all the follow up news on Rochas?

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