Resort Report: Jason Wu


Jason Wu's resort show was at the Greenwich Hotel which was exciting just because a) Gwyneth GOOPed it and b) we'd never been.

As our cab pulled up, Vogue poured out the front door and we thought, "Shit, we've missed it." But there were two shows, so we scrambled past practically the entire staff, watched Nina Garcia swallow the tiny Wu in her big hug and made our way upstairs to check out hair and make-up (see below) before taking our seats with champagne in hand.

The clothes were pretty. There were rosettes and pleats and bright colors and even structured shoulders - more ladylike than most - with crystals beaded on. There were petaled sleeves, a pink and orange petaled coat (which we swear we've seen before) and a blue petaled dress like this one from Henry Holland on steroids.

It was cute. It was fun. It wasn't our favorite Jason Wu, but it was definitely the most wearable, which given the times is probably more important than satisfying our runway fantasies.

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