Resort on the Roof


Though the skies threatened to open up just about every other minute, most of the raindrops held off last night as we headed over to the penthouse at the Cooper Square Hotel to view the Sachin + Babi for Ankasa resort collection along with influential types like Fern Mallis and Meredith Melling-Burke.

The married designers started their own collection a few seasons ago after years of doing fabric work and embroideries for designers like Oscar and Vera. Basically, they wanted to bring their knowledge and skill in that area to a more accessible price point - dresses average about $300. And it worked.

We're even considering wearing sequins, something we haven't done since some choice high school dresses, after seeing the subtle way Ankasa uses them in not only dresses, but even shorts and pants. The cropped jackets, vests and necklaces were also favorites, as well as the navy and black story in the collection. Most of the work is hand-done in Mumbai with the designers on site for much of the process and you can definitely see it in the details.

Now if someone would just plan us a fabulous vacation on which to wear all of these lovely pieces...

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