Reese's Pieces

reese witherspoon wears cartier to post with vince vaughn.jpg

This morning before catching the train, we did a double take when we saw a poster for the new Reese Witherspoon vehicle: Four Christmases. We weren't marveling at her super-shiny hair, nor were we reminiscing about how cute Vince Vaughn once was, no, what caught our eye was the shiny glint of a Cartier Love bracelet on Reese's wrist. All we could think was, "Are you kidding?"

But now we're thinking, maybe you know what brought this on. Pop quiz!

a. Does Reese's character, Kate, just have a thing for Cartier? She's also wearing a Tank, which is the present of choice for graduations and milestones.

b. Is this an ad for Cartier, like product placement paid for by the jeweler as a subtle nod to all the people who would love to say they share her taste (especially in platinum with diamonds)?

c. Is this just good art direction, like when Louboutins show up in cold medicine commercials because the soles are so pretty? (ps she may be wearing said shoes here.)



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