Recessionista: Vintage Gets Affordable

Kate Moss Vintage Galliano

There's been a lot of discussion, on this site and others, about the popping price bubble with luxury goods.

It hasn't happened yet, even though fewer people can buy designer products right now, and even though $1,000 for shoes is more ridiculous than hunting moose in the White House.

But those seeking Chanel and Gucci on a budget may still be in luck, at least in one department: vintage clothing.

Though Burberry trenches still hover at $1,000 at Barneys, and Rodarte gowns go for $5,000 at Bergdorf, we've seen near-plummeting prices on bags, shoes, and dresses at second-hand stores around New York City. This weekend alone, we spied a Botkier bag for $80, a Chanel jacket for $200, and various starlet jeans for $20 - $40 each. Hunting around eBay for Luella and Anna Sui shows a similar trend - as in, you might actually be able to buy it.

Those of you in small towns are like, "So? I bought a Pucci dress at a second hand store this week for $3!" And for that, we will always envy you... sigh.

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