Ralph Lauren Does Tom's for Spring

toms and ralph.jpg

Blake Mycoskie, the beautiful brains behind Tom's, is showing his Spring collection right now.

But they're just Tom's, you're probably saying. Do they ever actually change?

Yes, they do.

For Spring, the sole has been re-built out of rope and rubber so that they last longer than a month on actual city streets. This time around, there's also a vegan range, which looks the same but lacks the leather insoles and details. The collection rounds out with a handful of wrap-around knee-high boots that we don't think are very cute, but you might.

And, for those of the preppy persuasion, Ralph Lauren's collaborated with Blake to create a handful of Rugby designs including a black pair with embroidered skulls and colorful striped versions with rugby numbers. It's the first time Ralph's done a design collaboration outside his own empire so it's, as Blake says, "kind of a big deal."

Now if only Blake could teach Ralph a little something, we might see a donation of five cable knit sweaters for every one bought at Rugby to children in need.

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