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Dolce & Gabbana are feeling the recession just like the rest of us. Well, maybe not just like the rest of us. But their business is certainly not immune and so in an effort to keep their customers, they are in the process of cutting prices across all of their brands by 10-20 percent, starting with the spring collections.

And they're not trying to skimp on the quality. The designers worked with suppliers and manufacturers to tighten up business across the board and then pass that savings down to the consumer.

Now, that doesn't mean every piece is now affordable for every person - this is still a high end line. But we like the direction they're moving in.

"The idea is to peel off the superfluous because there are too many clothes, too many seasons, too much advertising — too much of everything that is tacked onto the final price. We want to go back to how things were 20 years ago. It’s about drawing the line,” Domenico Dolce told WWD.

And we say "Amen" to that. We'd love to see more of the ingenuity and creativity that comes with smaller budgets.

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