Poladroid Saves the Day

behati poladroid.jpg

If, like us, you're worried about life post-Polaroid, or if, also like us, the expense of Polaroid film has prohibited you from taking as many dreamy nostalgic shots as you'd like, fear not.

Because now there's Poladroid.

The site, which leads you to a downloadable application, lets you take any or all of your digital pictures and turn them into Polaroids. And since we're of the firm belief that everyone and everything looks better in fuzzy Polaroid form, we're rejoicing.

Of course, for the fashion industry's sake, this isn't so amazing. It's the ease and speed of instant pictures that make the boxy camera so valuable backstage and in showrooms.

But now you can make it look like Jeremy Kost took your Saturday night pictures - that is, if you hang out with models and Olsens on Saturday nights.

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