Peter Jensen Might Like Jodie Foster


This is all the explanation we got on our seat at Peter Jensen, so it's all you get:

"Good evening, Clarice."

"Hello, Doctor Lecter. I hope I'm not intruding. I have some...documents for you to look at."

"You're one of Peter Jensen's, aren't you?"

"I'm just here to show you the looks, Doctor. We'd like your opinion."

"I see. Tell me about this collection, Clarice."

"It's about Jodie. Jodie Foster."

"Another actress? He thinks he can dissect me with this blunt little tool?"

"It's different this time. It's androgynous. It begins with tailoring, damask mini skirt suits with oversized shirts, high waist trousers..."

"You dont' have to tell me, Clarice. I see floral jacqaurds, sequin spot tops, lace-up pencil skirts...this is the Foster of The Accused, of The Hotel New Hampshire, isn't it?"

"We think so. But where is it going Doctor? Tell me."

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