Peaches for PPQ Actually Happening

peaches geldof wears a vest.jpg

Way back in May, PPQ announced that Peaches Geldof would be designing a capsule collection of mostly dresses for their line, all based around the colors black and peach. After that, news about it simply did not exist - until today.

Vogue UK now says the collection is complete, and will hit the racks at Selfridges later this month.

We love PPQ, so it's a shame Peaches can't use her new found semi-celebrity over here to make like Rihanna and try to bring the label to the US, but maybe that'll happen when California native Cory designs her own capsule collection, because really, can it be that far off?

On a side note, Peaches' collection with apparently include bags "complete with everything you need for a night out already inside". So, lipgloss, mints, a hand mirror.. we wonder what else Peaches thinks is necessary for nightlife..

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