Patrick McMullan Rub-a-Dub-Dubs

patrick mcmullan makes shower curtains now.jpg

Some would say you've made it in New York when Patrick McMullan takes your picture.

But really it depends on how exactly you want to make it.

If the fashion and socialite party scene is your dream, then yes, Patrick, or lately his son Liam, is an important part of one's initiation into the world of parties and its fervent online documentation.

So we're guessing there's supposed to be something very aspirational about the Patrick McMullan Studio 54 shower curtain for sale on Urban Outfitters. Every time you get out of the shower to slip into your party dress you get a black and white glimpse of the New York party scene at its height and inspiration for the night ahead.

Now we're just waiting for word of people commissioning their own shower curtains and bringing the party into the bathroom, which we think is kind of creepy. But, if you love the scene so much that you want all of your friends in the shower with you, this is probably meant for you.

So, um, enjoy!

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