Pat Field for M&S Out, Sex and the City In?

patricia field and marks and spencer.jpg

Pat Field's much anticipated one-off for Marks & Spencer is finally out, so everyone can finally see what she meant by calling it "Destination Style New York."

Immediately, it just looks a whole lot like Sex and the City.

Take the Glamour Mac, reminiscent of the trenched outfit Carrie wore while darting through the streets with her shameful Vogue underarm. Or the Rose Puffball dress, an edgier version of one of Carrie's uber-lady ensembles. Or the Sexy Strapless Catsuit paired with a gold belt, the exact outfit she wore to her rehearsal dinner. Pat even went as far back as the Burger days, bringing back to life the "stupid hat" we actually thought was really cute.

We don't know why we didn't see this coming - Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson have already sort of paved the way for designing lines based on already existing closets. But even still, we can't help but wonder where Pat will go once even the most die-hard fans roll their eyes every time they hear "I couldn't help by wonder"...

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