Passion for Taschen


I dream of a day when I can finally take the boxes upon boxes of my beloved books that sit in my parents' attic and unpack them in what I imagine to be a gloriously large library inside my fantasy brownstone off lower 5th Avenue.

And in this library, there will definitely be many, many books from Taschen, one of our favorite publishing houses. We're obviously partial to the fashion and photography lists. But really, we can't pick just one genre. And the limited editions, like the Peter Beard one we've been obsessing over, are so ridiculously well-done.

Hence our utter excitement about the company's warehouse sale which starts tomorrow (11am - 8pm) and continues on Saturday (11-8) and Sunday (12-8) at the Soho store at 107 Greene St. There are going to be literally thousands of books (new! vintage! limited editions! out of print!) on sale from 50-75% off.

We're envisioning a major shipment heading to M&D's in Indiana come Monday.

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