Ossie Clark, Yes Please


If you arrive late to a fashion show in New York, as in, really really late and it's already started, there's not a shot in hell you're getting in that door.

See Alexander Wang for further explanation.

But in London, well, in London things are different.

So when we went flying in the door at Ossie Clark, just off the longest tube ride of our lives, we were a) shocked we hadn't missed the whole thing and b) shocked they let us fly in, despite the fact that Jourdan was halfway down the runway.

Thank goodness they did though. The dresses were worth the high-heeled run across cobblestones. They were long and printed and perfect for the ultra cool hippie girl who wears Ossie Clark when she wants to be fancy but still be herself - and the jewels were a spectacular addition to such comfortable looking clothes.

We're loving the cold British weather, but we'd gladly trade it in for the New York heat if it meant floating across pavement in one of Ossie's long, thin dresses for Spring.

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