One Sock, Two Sock, Yes Socks, No Socks?

men in socks.jpg

I've been trying to catch up on the men's shows before Paris hits and it's always interesting to scroll through everything at once.

I'm clicking through the boring suits with contrast lapels and short shorts that won't work on any guy who hasn't been to the gym every day for the past month and I'm noticing what might be the oddest trend ever: Socks.

My inner fashion demon, the ones from way back, like second grade, have always told me that socks and sandals are the biggest, most absolute NO ever.

But now, post-hours on, I learn that Stefano Pilati thinks they're OK, Dean and Dan think they're grand and even Consuelo Castiglioni over at Marni channeled "Grandpa with his pants down" when she decided that loafers paired with knee-highs and boxer shorts make an acceptable outfit.

And now my fashion compass is all sorts of off.


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