One of These Is Not Like The Others

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We went to tap off Taxi TV this morning when we saw Cindy Crawford walking down a runway and were like, "Whoa."

And then we watched her entire Raymour and Flanigan furniture commercial. She talked about how fashion used to be her life but now function's more important and while she'll always have a place in her heart for the industry that made her super famous, she's way more concerned with furniture design these days.

And then we started thinking about how Cindy Crawford's kind of always been around and her face has been in like every single commercial/ad since she stopped landing Vogue covers. Which made us wonder, if she'd just disappeared for a bit, could she be hawking things like Prada and DSquared and Chanel instead of denim-covered couches?

Cindy's arguably the richest, best known name of the supers, but she's also the only one seriously lacking high fashion cred - we'll take a moment to acknowledge her amazing November 08 French Vogue spread, but just because Carine missed her doesn't mean designers are going to write a huge paycheck to put their clothes on her when she's the face of a million products - and we wonder if that bothers her.

If you were a super, would you rather be a Cindy or a Linda?

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