One Love


Designer Malcolm Harris hung up on Angelina Jolie twice when she called him up to order some dresses.

You know, because usually when you answer the phone, the most famous actress in the world is not on the other end. Maybe he should have asked to speak to Maddox for confirmation?

Anyway, he finally believed it was the real Angie and took her order for three of his One-Dress - which got us wondering about said dress.

Turns out that Harris spent about a year and a half gathering the opinions of women, via social networking outlets like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and ASmallWorld, about everything from fabric to cut to color and then created the One-Dress.

You can wear it in a million different ways and it's meant for every body shape. Check out the website to see options that people have come up with. As you'd expect, some are great and some are not.

We can actually imagine Angelina working something nice out. Plus, there's totally a humanitarian aspect which we're sure is how she came to find it in the first place. A chunk of the proceeds go to Womankind Worldwide and

All in all, kind of a cool thing.

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