NYC is Not a Plastic Bag Hag… Maybe

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Who says the fashion people aren't ahead of the curve?

Practically eons after the canvas tote became the normal gift-with-product bag for every editor under the sun, New York City is finally catching on.

Mayor Bloomberg announced today that he's trying to push through a new plastic bag fee (or tax, depending on who you're talking to) for the City Council to consider, which entails charging shoppers $0.06 per every plastic bag used at the register, following in the steps of Ireland, San Francisco, and Ikea.

No word yet on whether the cost targets only delis and groceries, since many clothes stores (Macy's, H&M, etc) obviously use them, too.

We think it's a great idea. Not only would it pretty much kill the use of them, but we're totally prepared thanks to every event / party / fashion show / gift over the past couple years.

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