Not Safe for America, but Totally Safe for Fashion

zac and miri make a porno.jpg

Have you seen the posters for Zac and Miri Make a Porno?

They have little stick figures and say something like, "Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks made a movie so steamy/outrageous/titillating that this is all we can show you."

We thought it was cute. But then we read that the original posters were just too scandalous for America, which is why they had to scratch the real life pictures and go with stick figures.

You can see the original at left, and we'd hardly call it "titillating". Especially not compared to the gigantic Calvin Klein ad featuring a naked, writhing Eva Mendes outside our office, or the pages of men wearing Dolce & Gabbana skivvies in every magazine, or even the pictures of Angelina Jolie in this month's W.

What would've happened if, when Tom Ford's toe-sucking fragrance ads got banned, he broke out a sharpie and drew a stick figure's toe in another stick figure's mouth?

Um, hope you've already had lunch.

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