Norma Kamali Understands Shopping

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Fact: More and more people are shopping online.

Fact: Yet, plenty of people don't shop online, because they really want to try everything on before giving up their Amex.

Solution: Norma Kamali's site has just introduced perhaps the most brilliant addition to the online shopping experience since Net-a-Porter finally gave a wink and nod to shame shopping - the Try Before You Buy option.

Basically, instead of paying upfront for your online shopping gambles, you click for the Try option, get your clothes at home, then you have 48 hours to decide what you want to keep and what you want to give back. Shipping is taken care of for you (perhaps the biggest perk), and you only pay for what you keep.

Technically, this is better than shopping at an actual store - in addition to trying the clothes on your body, you also get to try it with everything in your wardrobe and in front of a mirror you actually trust, which is probably the best way to decide whether to charge the $4000 gown at left.

Can you tell we're gushing?

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